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Technology Improves Life | Creative Packaging Design - Easy-tear Thread

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Technology Improves Life | Creative Packaging Design - Easy-tear Thread

When a piece of beautifully packaged food is placed in front of you but you can't tear it open. In public places, you are embarrassed to use your teeth as a tool to open the bag. In addition, for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the tear must be neat, and the tear must be crooked or twisted. It feels uncomfortable to tear it apart all day long. When we encounter these situations, are we madly complaining about the manufacturers of food bags?

With the development of society and the rapid improvement of people's quality of life, consumer satisfaction has become the largest factor in determining "user retention rate" and an important factor in determining the "destiny" of an enterprise. How can we bring better user experience to consumers? Smart companies have begun to focus on the thoughtful optimization of outer packaging. In this context, easy-tear threads have emerged.


So what is an easy-tear thread? Early easy-tear wires used gear or pneumatic processes. This process will wear the gears and produce consumables. The cost is high, and it cannot achieve drilling in any direction. The hole diameter is slightly larger at high speeds, the accuracy is poor, and there are burrs, and the speed is slow. If the composite layer of product packaging is damaged too deeply, it can easily cause product deterioration.

Due to the rapid development of laser, the application fields are constantly expanding, and the application of laser in the film packaging industry is becoming more and more extensive. The easy-tearing process can be easily realized through laser flight marking. This is also called "laser scribing" technology. It uses laser to achieve an easy-tearing effect on multi-layer composite packaging materials. It can scribe a certain film layer, and Without damaging the entire film, the laser-cut part is light and non-penetrating, has no impact on food safety, and is easy for users to tear open with a smooth opening. The easy-tear line design not only facilitates consumers, but also better prevents theft and counterfeiting, making the packaging both practical and beautiful.


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