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Troubleshooting Guide for Laser Processing Issues

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Troubleshooting Guide for Laser Processing Issues

**Troubleshooting Guide for Laser Processing Issues:**

**Problem 1: Unable to Cut Through or Open Cutting Pattern**

Possible Causes:

1. Aging laser tube.

2. Contaminants on the focusing lens.

3. Contaminated reflector.

4. Incorrect light path.

5. Unreasonable power output.

6. Excessive cutting speed.

7. Material thickness exceeds the capability.


1. Replace the laser tube.

2. Clean the focusing lens.

3. Clean the reflector.

4. Adjust the light path.

5. Adjust power, speed, and ensure reasonable output.

6. Optimize cutting speed.

7. Choose suitable materials or reduce thickness.

**Problem 2: Open Cutting Shape Despite Correct Drawing**


- Excessive take-off speed, acceleration, and processing speed result in backlash.


- Reduce take-off speed, acceleration, and processing speed.

- Adjust the reverse clearance.

**Problem 3: Vibrating Knife Cutting Pattern Not Closed**

Possible Causes:

1. Gaps in drawn graphics.

2. Incomplete drawn graphics.

3. Improper knife eccentricity adjustment.

4. Knife center misalignment.


1. Check for gaps in drawn graphics.

2. Ensure completeness of drawn graphics.

3. Properly adjust knife eccentricity and alignment.

4. Adjust the knife center.

**Problem 4: Crooked Graphics During Cutting**


1. Incorrect font settings (italic) in software.

2. Improper installation of the focusing lens.


1. Check font settings; if italic, correct it.

2. Reinstall the focusing lens.

**Problem 5: Inverted or Mirrored Graphics After Cutting**


- Open "Settings" - "System Settings" and adjust the machine origin.

These troubleshooting steps aim to address various issues encountered during laser processing, ensuring optimal performance and accurate results.

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