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What are the factors that affect visual laser precision cutting?

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What are the factors that affect visual laser precision cutting?

Laser precision cutting is currently one of the most widely used precision cutting technology, the principle of which is to complete the cutting process through a very small laser beam, the material will be evaporated and melted. The precision of laser precision cutting can reach about 0.01~0.05mm, which is widely used in 3C electronics, medical equipment, scientific research and mapping and many other fields.

Visual laser precision cutting is based on laser precision cutting, plus visual recognition system upgraded, after upgrading the laser equipment, can through visual recognition, in the material with a pattern, complete cutting down the corresponding pattern, no vision system equipment, can only process the blank material.

Due to the precision cutting of processing equipment and processing technology requirements are very high, a little bit of small details are not done well, will lead to processing errors, which in turn affects the quality of the final product, so for the vision laser precision cutting, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1、Laser performance

Precision cutting laser, in addition to laser power, long-term failure rate, wavelength stability and other basic requirements, it must also be done to achieve good beam quality, that is, the diameter of the spot should be small, the beam dispersion should be low, and the light emitting should be stable, so as to ensure that the size of the processed products will not be deformed.

2、Motor and transmission system

Click and transmission system is the main parts affecting the accuracy of the mechanical axis, qualified precision cutting motor and movement axis, to achieve fast response speed, accurate positioning accuracy, fast dynamic changes, load capacity and other characteristics, once one of the links are not done, may lead to subtle errors.

3、Motion control system

Motion control system is the core of laser equipment operation, the running track of the motion axis, the laser power size, the layout of the design drawings, all need to be completed through the motion control system. Compared with ordinary laser cutting, the control system of precision laser cutting will be specially optimized in the algorithm to ensure that the error is within the acceptable range.

4、Camera and light source

Camera is one of the hardware core of the vision system, the camera imaging quality is good or bad, directly affecting the efficiency of the visual recognition, due to precision cutting of the processing object is smaller and finer than the ordinary cutting, so the camera performance and the quality of the lens has higher requirements. In addition to the camera, the light source is also a relatively heavy factor, because of the small size of the processing object, so a small black spot in the pattern will be very obvious, which will lead to visual recognition errors.

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