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What are the main functions of the laser software?

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What are the main functions of the laser software?

What are the main functions of the laser software?

Laser cutting machine is currently the most common industrial processing equipment, and its control solution is mainly PC + motion control card. Among them, the PC system mainly includes several parts such as laser software, graphics software, and visual system. The laser software is mainly responsible for controlling the laser equipment, so laser-related operators must learn the operation and application of laser software. This article is mainly a brief introduction to the basic functions of the laser software.

The main functions of the laser software are as follows:

Graphic design

Usually laser software will have basic picture design functions, including drawing simple graphics, changing the size and angle of graphics, etc. However, design tasks are not the strong point of laser software, because laser processing requires high precision, so we make drawings, usually in professional drawing software, such as AI, CAD, CDR and other software, to make corresponding patterns. Then import the laser software and fine-tune it according to the machine condition.

File management

The cutting machine needs to accept the task file before it can start processing. The laser software also has corresponding functions. Usually, the laser software can be connected externally through USB or network cable, and the operator can also upload the corresponding processing drawings through U disk, mobile phone or computer. In the laser software, if there is any change, it can be saved by the laser software and then exported. In addition to processing tasks, machine parameters can also be exported and saved in a similar way for future processing and use.

Laser adjustment

Adjusting laser parameters is one of the basic functions of laser software. Whether it is directly related parameters such as laser focus, laser power, laser speed, light output speed, pulse frequency, etc., or advanced functions such as delay on-off, corner power, and laser power, the laser software Can be easily controlled. For different usage scenarios, different laser software will also have different specific functions to achieve.

Machine parameters

The full name of the laser software is the laser motion control system. As the name suggests, the laser software can also control the movement of the machine, mainly for the control of the mechanical axis. Due to the many laser processing tasks and high precision requirements, the laser software also needs to achieve high standards in terms of stability and quality. For example, the process requires small and micro parts with an error of plus or minus 0.1mm, and the laser software can also control the perfect operation of the mechanical axis. , to meet processing standards.

Security alarm

In industrial production, in addition to efficiency, safety is more important, and laser software will naturally have corresponding functions. In terms of equipment operation, the laser software will monitor whether the various components in the equipment are operating normally and safely, including lasers, mechanical axes, laser heads, voltage power supplies, etc. In addition to the cutting machine itself, other external devices can also be monitored after being connected to the corresponding data lines, including cooling devices, gas cylinder pressure, fans, etc.

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