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What is the price or quote for a laser welding machine?

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What is the price or quote for a laser welding machine?

First, automatic laser welding machine is generally composed of five parts

1. The main machine is mainly a laser power supply. The laser power supply controls the xenon lamp, so that the xenon lamp flashes and emits light to excite the laser bar through a series of optical systems, so that the laser can be applied.

2. Cooling System. The cooling system provides cooling for the laser generator. Typically, it is equipped with a 1-5 horsepower water circulation cooler.

3. Table also known as the motion system. This system is used to move the laser beam in accordance with the welding trajectory according to the specific requirements in laser welding, thus realizing the automatic welding function of the laser. The motion control program is programmed by the CNC to control the table to move as per the requirement. The simplified programming system is easy to operate and can be held quickly without specialized skills or educational background. Precise welding motion control can be realized in the table systems of laser welding manufacturers such as 2D, 3D tables and 4-axis linkage tables.

laser welding head

4. Fixtures are commonly used for laser welding. Fixtures are mainly used to hold welded workpieces so that they can be loaded and unloaded repeatedly and repositioned for automatic laser welding. Therefore, fixtures are one of the essential equipment in laser welding production. Especially in mass production, whether or not the fixture is designed will directly affect the productivity and yield of the laser welding manufacturer.Arguslaser designs laser welding fixture solutions for our customers.

5. Observation systems are very common. Laser welding machines need to be equipped with a viewing system that allows real-time microscopic observation of the workpiece. It is used to facilitate precise positioning during preparation of the welding procedure and to check the weld results during the welding process. Typically, automatic laser welding machines are equipped with a CCD display system, while manual laser welding machines or mold laser welding machines are equipped with a microscope. Laser welding arguslaser fully automatic laser welding machine.

Laser welding robot

Second, the price of laser welding machine (laser welding machine offer is generally based on the above five parts of the hardware part).

1. Host part: arguslaser has a series of laser hosts with full power models ranging from 1000W to 6000W. they are used for battery laser welding machine, eyeglasses frame laser welding machine, mold laser welding machine,, tee tube laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine, manual laser welding machine, kitchenware laser welding machine. Advertising laser welding machine, fiber laser welding machine, silicon steel plate laser welding machine, faucet laser welding machine, hydraulic tappet laser welding machine, fan blade laser welding machine.

2.Cooling system: all models of arguslaser are equipped with cooling system as standard, no additional offer (individual models can be customized with air cooling system).

3. The table components are customized and are non-standard products: the price is also customized according to the actual situation of the project. Typically, the unit price for a simple, small 3D workbench ranges from a few thousand dollars to $10,000. For larger benches, customized 3D workbenches are slightly more expensive, from 10,000 to 30,000 RMB. The actual price depends on site conditions.

4. The fixture is a non-standard customized product designed according to the actual condition of the customer's welding workpiece: arguslaser can design laser welding fixtures and fixture solutions for customers. Moreover, the price is so favorable that common fixtures can be customized together with the equipment, thus avoiding the design cost for customers.

5. Observation systems CCD and microscope are two ways: arguslaser laser observation systems are very reasonably priced. Some models even include customer-specific observation systems, while other companies usually do not offer the system. Even if the customer wants to purchase one, they will configure the system for the customer at close to cost price depending on the model of the machine. In summary, the price of a laser welding machine system consists primarily of the main machine price + the customized table price + the fixture price, where the table and fixtures are typically non-products for which a price cannot be determined. Therefore, what is the exact price of each customer's welding program can be communicated in more detail with the staff of the laser welding plant to find out the exact price!

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