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Why Microwave Exhaust Bag Roll Film Need Laser Drilling

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Why Microwave Exhaust Bag Roll Film Need Laser Drilling

In the last century before the 80's, in order to home microwave cooking food has not been the majority of consumers, since entering the last century after the 90's, microwave technology has improved dramatically, especially the popularity of microwave ovens, ovens and other small kitchen appliances components, microwave food has also begun to increase. Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster, consumers not only need higher quality food, but also need to use convenient packaging and faster, more efficient cooking methods, microwave food has become a necessity of life. Accordingly, microwave food packaging has experienced a boom in technological innovation and exerted new vitality.


At present, it occupies an important position in the field of laser scribing and laser perforation technology:In processing equipment, the film layer of the packaging material can be perforated using a highly pulsed carbon dioxide laser. Special technology, each hole around the melting, can effectively prevent the expansion of the hole, to avoid damage to the integrity of the packaging, at the same time has a good breathable moisturizing effect.

In addition, when the packaging tape needs to have holes, the laser system can be "ventilated freshness" perforation of packaging, through the perforation can extend the freshness of the goods in the package, or cater to the product in the microwave oven after heating the pressure on the food packaging.

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