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Wuhan Argus Laser | Flexible Packaging Film Laser Easy Tear Line Process

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Wuhan Argus Laser | Flexible Packaging Film Laser Easy Tear Line Process

With the laser application field is becoming more and more extensive, the laser on the film packaging industry applications have also been further enhanced, laser processing has become a new process standard for PE, PVC, PET film processing industry. Wuhan ARGUS laser is the film packaging industry put forward the laser instead of mechanical processing process of enterprises, designed for film easy to tear line, quantitative ventilation holes designed for fast marking speed, easy to operate equipment, stable performance, long service life, etc. SCM-55 collection of laser technology, optical technology, precision machinery, electronics, computer software technology and refrigeration and other disciplines in one of the high-tech products, with the traditional Compared with the traditional mechanical gear pressure hole faster, aperture hole spacing adjustable size more uniform, can realize any direction, shape, more than one easy to tear line marking.

Equipment advantages

1、Fast speed

Equipment online flight marking easy to tear line maximum speed 280-300m/min (depending on the process)

2、Large processing area

Can be realized in the width of 300 × 300mm range of marking, cutting any graphics

3、Good stability

Equipment using fully closed optical path, the original imported CO2 radio frequency laser, are equipped with high-speed scanning mirror and beam expansion focusing system, strict multiple protection control design (grid voltage undervoltage protection, working current overcurrent protection, cooling circulating water flow, water level, water temperature protection), to ensure that the overall stability of the equipment, high-stability and anti-jamming industrial computer intelligent control to achieve stable and reliable operation for 24 hours a day.

4、Simple operation

Dedicated control software, to achieve any shape marking

5、Compact equipment

Equipment occupies an area of about 1.5m2, reducing space occupation.

6、High precision sensor

Rotary analog encoder (domestic) Precise detection of the assembly line speed

RGB sensor (imported from Japan) Accurate high-speed positioning of the flight marking position

Applicable materials

PE, PVC, PET and other film materials.

Applicable industries

Beverage, food, seed grain oil and other industries of the film soft package laser perforation

This device successfully applies laser technology to cut easy-to-tear lines on flexible packaging film. It can be installed on the slitter or rewinder. Using the slitter or rewinder's tension control, deskewing, winding and unwinding functions; through the beam generated by the laser, in the design of the easy-to-tear line, uniformly cut a fine line of only a few microns deep. Thus, it can realize the effect of destroying the outer film and retaining the inner film by playing a good easy-to-tear line on the roll film before bag making. Not only does it not destroy the airtightness of the packaging material, but also has the function of tearing the opening of the bag in the specified direction when tearing.


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