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2023 Sunic Photoelectric Group Basketball Friendly Match

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2023 Sunic Photoelectric Group Basketball Friendly Match

In order to enrich and activate the amateur cultural life of the staff, improve the physical quality of the staff, show the staff's self-effacement, enhance the staff's communication and exchange, and create an atmosphere of unity and cooperation, on July 14th, Wuhan Sunic Photoelectric Group held a friendly basketball match in the Youkeng Sports Park Gymnasium, which gathered more than 30 people from the company's four teams to participate in the match.


On the basketball court, the teams fully demonstrated the spirit of valor and tenacity, upward mobility and aggressiveness. On the game court, the players fierce confrontation, colorful, a variety of blocking and matching, breakthrough pass, three-point mid-range and long-distance shooting and other exciting, five shot five in the dazzling scenes sometimes appear. The audience on the sidelines of the game shouted and cheered, cheering and applauding, which pushed the atmosphere of the game to the climax.


In the process of the game, Wuhan Sunic Photoelectric Group  staff from all departments actively participate in the action, skilled, spirited, through colorful cultural and sports activities, fully demonstrated when the Sunic Photoelectric Group staff good spirit.


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