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ARGUS On Sale China Film Soft Pet Film Heat Transfer Printing Machine Sticker Cutting Machine for T Shirt

The dynamic galvo co2 laser marking machine is suitable for denim jeans destroy grinding, photo engraving, logo marking etc processing. It has been widely used in clothing garment industry.

  • SCM2000


SCM2000 (6) Main Features

1.High marking speed: maximum 7000mm/s marking speed with high-speed galvanometer scanning. Suitable for industrial mass production.

2.Large marking area: Max marking area 600*600mm ,can realize marking, punching, cutting, carving process.

3.Good stability of the equipment: Adopted the full closed optical path, imported of CO2 R.F laser source, strict multiple protection control design, ensure the stability of the entire equipment.

4.Red light indicator, makes you find out the working area easily.

Applicable Industry and Material
PVC lettering film, TPU lettering film, PU matte lettering film, luminous lettering film, laser soft metal lettering film, plastic spraying printing film, reflective lettering film, flocking lettering film, gold onion lettering film, reflective screen printing film, weak solvent printing film, decorative film, leather label, cloth label and other materials.

Product Detail

振镜-removebg-preview     Galvo Scanning System

   3D dynamic Galvo head,one time scan area could 

     reach to  800*800mm.3D dynamic galvanometer 

     control system ensure the best processing results .


                 RF Laser Metal Tube

                    Original imported metal RF laser tube with high

                    laser power,stable laser generation and life time 

                    of more than 20000hrs.

CCD-removebg-preview (1)

                        CCD Optional

                                CCD positioning function ensures accurate 

                                and reliable position measurement greatly 

                                improves the production efficiency of the 

                                factory and saves labor.


           Large marking area : Max marking area 800*800mm.


Products Advantages

Fabric Laser Marking Machine SCM1600L Model:

1.  Large engraving range: up to 1600mm * unlimited length, the whole roll of fabric can be    engraved in one time

2. A wide range of applicable materials: super soft fabrics, flocking fabrics, art wallpaper, denim fabric, corduroy, velvet and other fabrics;
3. The speed is super fast: the laser engraving speed is up to 10000mm/s, according to the complexity of the graphics engraving, the fabric of 1600mm width can be engraved up to

100 meters per hour;
4. The engraving effect is exquisite, no flash, no burr, no flanging, no paste;
5. Independent operation software: free typesetting, ready to sample, no stitching, infinite
loop carving;
6. Support a variety of software formats: AI, DWG, DXF, PLT, BMP, JPG and other vector graphics and bitmaps.



7.SCM2000 paper cutting5


7.SCM2000 paper cutting117.SCM2000 paper cutting97SCM2000 paper cutting87.SCM2000 paper cutting9


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laser solutions supplier since 1998 !!!

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