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Advantages of UV Laser Marking

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Advantages of UV Laser Marking

    The beam focusing spot of UV laser marking is smaller and finer, which can realize ultra-fine marking, the heat affected area is very small, the thermal effect is relatively small, and the problem of material scorching damage will not occur. It has the advantages of high efficiency, stable performance of the whole machine, low energy consumption, etc., and can be applied to a wider range of materials.

Fly laser mopa fiber laser marking machine 20w for black mark on stainless steel

Advantages of UV Laser Marking:

    Compared with the laser marking machine, the laser beam focusing spot is extremely small during laser marking, and the heat affected area during processing is very small, which can well reduce the deformation probability of the marking material and is an ideal choice for fine processing. Mainly used in the field of ultra-fine marking, such as food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking, circuit board marking, glass material marking and other application fields.

    The effect of UV laser marking on product materials is better, with clear patterns and fine textures. When using UV laser processing, the probability of mechanical impact on materials is reduced to 1%, and its fine processing, stable quality, and processing effect. The advantages of good processing will be better presented. I believe that in the future laser market, ultraviolet lasers will usher in more

technological breakthroughs and industrial applications.

Firearms fiber laser marking machine

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