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fiber laser marking machine

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  • 2022-11-22

    What can a marking machine do? Discover the applications of laser marking machines

    Laser markers are extremely versatile tools able to engrave, mark and cut on metals (also coated), and to engrave on plastics. Their application possibilities are many, since a correct laser setting allows to obtain extremely satisfactory results from the point of view of the quality of the engravin

  • 2022-10-20

    [Laser Machine News] UV Laser Marking Machine for High-precision Processing

    The UV laser marking machine is specially designed for fine marking, fine cutting and engraving, and micro-processing of special materials. It has a high cost. It is especially suitable for marking, micro-holes, glass materials, and high-speed division of glass materials and silicon wafers carry out

  • 2022-10-14

    [Laser Machine News] Advantages of UV Laser Marking

    The beam focusing spot of UV laser marking is smaller and finer, which can realize ultra-fine marking, the heat affected area is very small, the thermal effect is relatively small, and the problem of material scorching damage will not occur. It has the advantages of high efficiency, stable perfo

  • 2021-11-04

    [Industry News] What is the trend of fiber laser marking machines?

    For many people, it is very important to choose a suitable marking machine. However, many people still have doubts and concerns about fiber laser marking machines. Then, let's introduce in detail what is the trend of fiber laser marking machines? Here is the content list:l Their performancel The mac


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