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Wuhan Sunic Super Soft Apparel Fabric Laser Burning Machine | Application in Textile Industry        

The super soft fabric is a general single-sided brushed fabric, which is similar to coral fleece, but the process is a bit different, and the hand feel is very soft. The super soft fabric is a new type of knitted warp knitted fleece. A kind of short plush (the latest variety), the short plush series products are widely used in various fields such as clothing, luggage, shoes and hats, toys and so on. With a lower price and higher quality, it has been applied to foreign trade and domestic sales factories, and has achieved good sales results. The warp density is smaller, and the weft density is larger, so that the weft yarns appear on the surface, which is conducive to the formation of plump and uniform fluff for the weft yarn cotton fibers.


Wuhan Sunic Laser Garment Fabric Laser Burning Machine uses the thermal effect of laser to burn and etch the fabric without contact, and form a convex and concave pattern. The engraving range is large: the maximum length is 2200mmX, and the entire roll of fabric can be engraved at one time. Wide range of applicable materials: super soft fabrics, flocking fabrics, art wallpaper, denim fabrics, corduroy, velvet and other fabrics; ultra-fast speed: laser engraving speed up to 12000mm/s, according to the complexity of graphic engraving, 1600mm width The fastest fabric can be engraved 100 meters per hour; the engraving effect is exquisite, no flash, no burr, no scorch, no smear; independent operation software: free typesetting, sample at any time, no splicing, infinite loop engraving; support a variety of software formats: AI, DWG, DXF, PLT, BMP, JPG and other vector graphics and bitmaps.


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