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Laser Cleaning Market with Huge Potential

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Laser Cleaning Market with Huge Potential

Laser Cleaning Market with Huge Potential

In recent years, with the implementation of a series of national environmental protection strategic measures such as "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peaking", people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, which has provided new development opportunities for many industries in the cleaning field. Cleaning as a new type of environmentally friendly technology has huge market potential.

According to the statistics of the Prospective Research Institute, the global laser cleaning market has grown year by year in recent years, and it is expected to exceed US$800 million by 2023. With the increase in the size of the laser cleaning market, laser manufacturers have also ushered in vigorous development.


Laser Cleaning Technology

Traditional cleaning methods: mainly mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning, etc. Mechanical cleaning is a contact cleaning, which will generate stress and damage the substrate; chemical cleaning will corrode the surface of the workpiece, and the pollution is harmful to the human body.

Principle of laser cleaning: Using a high power density laser to act on the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned (non-contact), the pollutants on the surface of the workpiece absorb the focused laser energy and rapidly expand, vaporize, and peel off, thereby separating from the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cleaning.02

Therefore, laser cleaning has the advantages of high efficiency, non-contact, no damage, green environmental protection, low cost, and flexible control. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning technology occupies an absolute advantage.

Laser cleaning spot energy distribution: the energy density is higher than the damage threshold of the substrate, the substrate is easily damaged, and the energy density is lower than the pollutant ablation threshold, the cleaning effect cannot be achieved. Therefore, laser cleaning generally needs to select an appropriate energy density to ensure pollution. The material is removed and the substrate is not damaged. Single-mode lasers are generally Gaussian beams. The beam quality is good, it can focus a small spot and has an ultra-high energy density. It is suitable for the removal of high-adhesion pollutants such as heavy rust, and can also have a certain texturing effect. In some cases, the cleaning of precision objects such as molds requires that the substrate cannot be damaged, so a flat-top beam with uniform energy distribution is required for cleaning.


Laser Cleaning Lasers and Applications

For different application scenarios, ARGUS LASER has launched single-mode and multi-mode GMC series cleaning lasers to meet the different cleaning requirements of customers. At present, it has been applied in many industries and has been highly recognized by users.


High beam quality, 10~500ns multiple pulse width options, QCS output

Strong cleaning ability, hand-held cleaning, flexible operation


Rust removal on metal surface

Metal surface paint removal

Weld Oxide Removal

Galvanized sheet cleaning before welding

Car cover paint removal



Flat top beam, high energy, high power, non-destructive substrate

10~500ns multi-pulse width selection, output fiber length 10m


Mold cleaning

Efficient rust removal

Paint cleaning

Oil cleaning



ARGUS LASER is a laser company positioned to become an advanced light source supplier for precision manufacturing. In the field of laser cleaning, it can provide 100~200W GMC single-mode series lasers with strong cleaning ability, compact air-cooled structure, and easy portability; 200~ 1000W GMC multi-series laser, high cleaning efficiency, no damage to the substrate. Light to GMC series lasers can be used for metal surface paint removal, rust removal, precision mold cleaning, cultural relics protection, high-end machine tools, track maintenance, etc. It is widely used in the industry and meets the cleaning requirements of different substrates.

In the future, with the increasing demand for laser cleaning, higher requirements will also be placed on the process of laser cleaning technology. ARGUS LASER will continue to make efforts in the field of laser cleaning. Through independent innovation, it will update and iterate products, and continue to upgrade to provide customers with more cleaning options.

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