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Laser Signage Multiple Application

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Laser Signage Multiple Application

Your Laser Sign Cutter Manufacturer in China

In the realm of modern manufacturing, laser technology has become indispensable, particularly in the domain of sign fabrication. Amidst global attention, manufacturers of laser sign cutting machines from China have risen to prominence, showcasing their technological innovation, high-quality production, and competitive pricing.

The laser signage cutter is a high-performance laser material processing technology. Powerful, precise, and capable of replicating designs. It works faster, is simpler, and more profitable. Thanks to CNC integration, the equipment can cut signage and etch unique designs almost endlessly. They can handle large-scale and smaller-scale signage projects.


1390 Laser Cutter

1610Fabric Laser Cutter


1610 Laser Cutter

Laser Sign Cutter Features


  • High precision Taiwan Hiwin double guide rail,

  • 3-phase stepper motor and driver,

  • belt transmission, channel-type feeding,

  • up&down worktable,

  • honey-comb or aluminum strip worktable,

  • circulation water cooling,

  • hydraulic protection,

  • dust and smoke exhausting,

  • huff protection, etc.

Laser Signage Multiple Application

laser cut signage system is ideal for all types of engraving, etching, and cutting work. It is ideal for one-off, small-series, or batch production. The equipment excels in a variety of materials and applications.

  • Acrylic. it can both engrave and cut on acrylic and can cut up to 20mm thickness acrylic.

  • Wood. it works with a wide range of woods, including maple, birch, bamboo, MDF, and more.

  • Fabric. it can cut all types of fabric signage and can position cut printed one with high accuracy.

  • Plastic. the laser-cut signs can engrave plaques, trophies, and so on.

  • Leather. it can customize leather goods, including bags, jackets, etc.

  • Paper. is used for the precision cutting of paper and cardboard. It can also engrave signs or inscriptions.

    折扣 拷贝

Laser Sign Cutter Recommended Materials

  • Laser Signage Cutter Acrylic

  • Laser Sign Cutter Wood

  • Signage Laser Cutting Plastic

  • Laser Sign Cutter Fabric

  • Laser Sign Cutter Leather

  • Laser Sign Cutter Paper

  • wood

    acrylic sample




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