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Laser cutting kitchen supplies

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Laser cutting kitchen supplies

    As an advanced new processing method, laser cutting has become more and more mature in the laser cutting process of kitchen and bathroom products, bringing a new pattern to the kitchen and bathroom products manufacturing industry.

    Diversified processing technology:

    During the processing of kitchen products laser cutting, metal raw materials can be processed by cutting, pattern cutting, perforation, hollowing, and pattern engraving. Compared with traditional metal processing methods, the laser cutting process of kitchen and bathroom products has the advantages of high processing precision, fast speed, and perfect incision.

    Low processing cost:

    Laser cutting kitchen products is a non-contact cutting method. It uses a high-energy-density laser beam to process metal workpieces without using consumables such as molds and tools, which greatly saves the cost of molds and tools.

    Save labor costs:

    Laser cutting equipment has a very high degree of intelligence. You only need to input the specifications to be processed through the computer, and start the equipment to automatically complete the processing tasks. The work that used to require ten people can now be completed by one person.

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