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Metal Cutting Machine 1kw 2kw 3kw 6kw Cnc Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product name: Metal fiber laser cutting machine
Model: SFC-3015
Laser power: 1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 3000W / 4000W
Working range:1500 x 3000mm; Tube: Maximum 220mm diameter and 3 meters or 6 meters length
Application: Dual functional fiber laser cutting machine SFC-1530 is equipped with Tube cutting device, can cut both metal sheets and metal tubes
  • SFC3015

  • Argus

metal cutting machine 11. One machine has double function, cutting metal sheet and tube
2. Cost-saving and high performance working, it has many uses and can save the space of more than 50%, which effectively improve productivity
3. Machine adopts CYPCUT control system, two software (CYPCUT software for metal sheet cutting, Tubepro software for metal tube cutting)
4. The Rotary device can hold up maximum 220mm diameter metal tube, standard tube length is 3 meters or 6 meters, other length also can be customized



Laser type

Fiber laser,1080nm

Laser power


Working area


Tube:220mm diameter x 3 meters or 6 meters length

Min line width


Positioning accuracy


Max cutting speed


Max acceleration


Transmission type

Precision dual gear rack transsmission

Drving system

Servo motors

Cutting thickness

Depending on laser power and material

Assisting gas

Compressed air, oxygen and ni

Cooling mode

Industrial circulation water chiller

Visual positioning 

Red dot

Machine weight

Net 4500kg

Working voltage

3 phase 380V 50HZ/60HZ

Machine Details

mainly consist of the laser part (including laser power supply, laser indicating system, optical system and refrigeration system), laser cutting head, CNC gantry table, iuycontrol system and cutting software, coaxial 

auxiliary gas system, machine tools accessories, etc.



Our Factory

Machine overview

factory image

Applicable Industries
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is widely used in manufacturing Billboard, Advertising, Signs, Signage, Metal Letters, LED
Letters,Kitchen Ware, Advertising Letters, Sheet Metal Processing, Metals Components and Parts, Ironware, Chassis, Racks &Cabinets Processing, Metal Crafts, Metal Art Ware, Elevator Panel Cutting, Hardware, Auto Parts, Glasses Frame, Electronic Parts,Nameplates, etc

Applicable Materials
Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment is suitable for metal cutting with Stainless Steel Sheet, Mild Steel Plate, Carbon Steel Sheet,Alloy Steel Plate, Spring Steel Sheet, Iron Plate, Galvanized Iron, Galvanized Sheet, Aluminum Plate, Copper Sheet, Brass Sheet,Bronze Plate, Gold Plate, Silver Plate, Titanium Plate, Metal Sheet, Metal Plate, Tubes and Pipes, etc




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