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Laser marking denim reforms denim manufacturing

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Laser marking denim reforms denim manufacturing

Denim always has a place in the fashion elements every year that denim jeans are the necissary cloth for everyone. American jeans tycoon Levi's uses laser marking denim instead of manpower in some denim processing, which will be the revolutionary transformation in denim manufacturing industry.


Laser marking denim is different from the general traditional processing skill, which marking patern is more delicate. It also creates hierachical whitening effect of jeans.


Sunic Laser builds a new professional jeans laser washing machine.An excellent laser marking denim product will land the market become a strength product to fashioner.


The Sunic Laser marking technology to make a pair of jeans every 90 seconds

Laser marking denim improves the efficiency of making jeans and shortens the production time

Eliminating the environmental pollution caused by various chemical components in the process of production

Solving the three problems of high pollution, high cost and low efficiency in traditional denim processing



Laser marking denim breaks the traditional way of denim manufacturing

Bringing a major breakthrough to the denim industry

Achieving the automation production of denim manufacturing

Promoting the development of clothing industry

Professional Jeans Laser Washing Machine SCM1400L


  • Projector positioning system,with 4 exchange worktable,single table working area 1300x600mm and 10000mm/s high speed CTI galvo scanner;

  • Automatic feeding and adjusting/correction Function: Modular design of automatic feeding and adjusting/correction, only need one operator to watch the whole process. One person can operate multi-machines, greatly improve the product processing efficiency;

Argus Laser, your professional 
laser solutions supplier since 1998 !!!

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