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UV Laser Marking Machine for High-precision Processing

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UV Laser Marking Machine for High-precision Processing

     The UV laser marking machine is specially designed for fine marking, fine cutting and engraving, and micro-processing of special materials. It has a high cost. It is especially suitable for marking, micro-holes, glass materials, and high-speed division of glass materials and silicon wafers carry out complex graphics cutting, etc.

Who is it for?

     The UV laser marking machine, with the integrated structure, high precision, high speed, is the best choice for fine marking processing.

     Widely used for marking and surface treatment of various kinds of glass,liquid crystal screen,textile,thin slice ceramic,semiconductor silicon chip,IC grain,sapphire,polymer film and other materials.


What makes it unique?

     With the wide range of applications, the UV laser marking machine is suitable for different requirements with different working area and different power.


>3w/5w as your requirements;

>High precision, perfect marking result;

>Genuine control card & software;
>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;

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