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What Makes Laser Cutting Accurate?

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What Makes Laser Cutting Accurate?

The working principle of laser cutting is to focus the laser beam integrated release to the surface of the processing material, through the high heat melting way to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving, laser cutting machine debugging a difficult point is the focus of the problem, and we carry out laser processing is very focused on the accuracy of laser cutting.


The processing accuracy of laser cutting machines is determined by a number of factors, several of which are important.

1 the accuracy of the processing platform, whether the processing platform is parallel, the accuracy of the guide rail and beam is up to standard, etc., this from the equipment itself on the important requirements of laser processing accuracy, if this point can not be achieved, it can only mean that the laser equipment is substandard products when it leaves the factory.


2 the laser beam by focusing the size of the spot: this point, the manufacturer to go through a number of tests and adjustments for reasonable records and debugging, and finally be able to determine the appropriate standard. In general, the smaller the focused laser beam light plate, the narrower the processing slit, the higher the accuracy of laser processing, the smaller the spot up to 0.01mm.


3 the greater the thickness of the workpiece processed, the greater the difficulty of processing, the more laser energy required, the greater the power required to cut through, the larger the cut, the lower the accuracy.

4 the workpiece material (different materials, different purity, etc.) on the accuracy of laser cutting also have a certain impact. In the same case, the laser cutting different materials encountered when the resistance is different, the accuracy of processing is also different, can be improved through debugging.

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