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What can a marking machine do? Discover the applications of laser marking machines

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What can a marking machine do? Discover the applications of laser marking machines

Laser markers are extremely versatile tools able to engrave, mark and cut on metals (also coated), and to engrave on plastics. Their application possibilities are many, since a correct laser setting allows to obtain extremely satisfactory results from the point of view of the quality of the engraving or marking, and at the same time guarantees that the treated object is not damaged in any way.

laser engraving machines

Which materials can be marked using the laser

Laser marking guarantees excellent results on a very wide range of materials:

  • Metals: the laser allows you to engrave on metals, also coated. Using a laser marker, it is possible to obtain impeccable engravings on gold, silver, platinum, bronze, steel, aluminum, copper and on many other metals used in both gold and industry.

  • Plastics: even plastic materials can be effectively engraved by laser, it is possible to successfully engrave various types of plastic, such as ABS, PBT and many others.

laser engraving machines

The applications of a laser marker

Given the versatility of laser technology, a marking machine that uses this tool can be used for countless applications:

Jewelery and goldsmiths: the laser allows you to obtain precise and accurate engravings in a short time, without damaging the treated object in any way and acting on surfaces that are difficult to reach or on particularly delicate or fragile components. For this reason, the laser can be used successfully in the goldsmith sector or in all other areas of craftsmanship where it is necessary to carry out accurate and precise interventions, paying particular attention to the final aesthetic result.

Marking of industrial products and Datamatrix engraving: using the laser it is possible tomark a very high number of products in a short time, making them traceable over time as required by the regulations governing the industrial sector. However, marking is not the only possibility guaranteed by the application of the laser in the industrial field: thanks to the software installed on the machine it is also possible to use the marking machine to easily engrave barcode or qrcode products, possibly even in progression, as well as logos , industrial brands and so on.

Micro-cuts: a correctly calibrated laser marker is able to cut surfaces a few millimeters thick, guaranteeing extremely accurate intervention. The procedure requires a certain amount of time, because the laser cuts by repeatedly passing over the same portion of the object, but the results are particularly satisfactory from the point of view of accuracy.

Photoengraving: the laser also allows for photoengraving on metals, reproducing an image or photograph on the chosen surface. This application exploits the ability of the laser to use heat to engrave the material or to blacken it, and allows to obtain extremely satisfactory results (obviously influenced by the resolution of the starting image).

laser engraving machines

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