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What is the trend of fiber laser marking machines?

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What is the trend of fiber laser marking machines?

For many people, it is very important to choose a suitable marking machine. However, many people still have doubts and concerns about fiber laser marking machines. Then, let's introduce in detail what is the trend of fiber laser marking machines?

Here is the content list:

l Their performance

l The machine developed

l Product advantage

Their performance

How to improve the performance of fiber laser marking machine itself: how to improve the output power and conversion efficiency, optimize the beam quality, shorten the gain fiber length, improve the stability of the system and make it more compact is the focus of future research in fiber laser field.

The machine developed

The development of a new type of fiber laser marking machine, In the time domain, the ultrashort pulse mode-locked fiber laser marking machine with a smaller duty cycle has always been the focus of laser research, and the high-power femtosecond pulse fiber laser marking machine has always been researched Hot spot. ——Long-term pursuit of goals. In the frequency domain, broadband output tunable fiber laser marking machine will become a research hotspot.

The research of fiber laser marking machines began in the late 1980s. It has a very broad prospect because the fiber laser marking machine can generate ultra-short pulses. Therefore, all countries in the world have shown great enthusiasm for the research of fiber laser marking machines. Compared with other types of lasers, fiber laser marking machines have many advantages such as high reliability, simple structure, low price, and high conversion efficiency.

Whether it is theory or experiment, my country's research in this area is also relatively early, and many research results have been obtained. In particular, there are relatively few studies on high-performance fiber lasers, and the actual work is far from enough, and the effect is not very satisfactory. Therefore, it is necessary to further strengthen the research of passively mode-locked fiber lasers.

Especially in recent years, due to the improvement of fiber design and the progress of manufacturing, the output power of fiber lasers has been continuously improved, and the continuous-wave output power of a single fiber device has risen from 100 watts to kilowatts. At the same time, the improved manufacturing technology of high-quality optical fiber with a large cladding diameter and large numerical aperture can easily achieve effective coupling with the secondary pump power.

Product advantage

Fiber laser marking machine technology can greatly extend the life of equipment (compared to DPSSL). This advantage has led to increased investment by industrial laser companies focusing on fiber lasers because its reliability is very important at the application level. Fiber lasers have other advantages: Since the laser medium of the fiber laser itself is a guided wave medium, the combined efficiency is high; the fiber laser marking machine can be easily and efficiently connected to the fiber transmission system. The fiber core can be very thin to achieve high power density; fiber lasers have very high conversion efficiency and very low threshold due to their good heat dissipation performance. The output wavelength of fiber laser covers a wide range from 400nm to 3400nm, which can meet various needs and applications. It has a good development prospect in the fields of communications, industry and commerce, medicine, and military.

I believe that after reading these, you should have enough trust in the fiber laser marking machine.

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