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Why Mixed Laser Cutting Machines Can Cut Metal and Wood

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Why Mixed Laser Cutting Machines Can Cut Metal and Wood

Mixed laser cutting machine has unique advantages over ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine-it can meet the cutting of both metal sheet (stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium gold plate) and non-metal materials (wood, MDF, acrylic). Due to its low use and purchase costs, powerful functions and high accuracy, this machine is loved by many customers.

So, why can the mixed laser cutting machine not only meet metal cutting, but also cut non-metal materials such as wood, acrylic, MDF? This is due to two important configurations of the mixed laser cutting machine.

First, the mixed laser cutting machine uses a uniquely designed laser cutting head;


This laser head is different from ordinary laser cutting heads. It is mainly used in CO2 laser cutting machines with power below 300W. It is equipped with an automatic focusing system that can accurately track the position of the focal point on the surface of metal plates to accurately cut metal materials. Mixed laser cutting head has a strong advantage in the application of high-power CO2 laser cutting machine. It can support up to 300W laser power.  This can cut both metal materials and non-metals material.

Advantages of Mixed Laser Cutting Heads

1. Designed for cutting large size metal &  nonmetal materials. Configured with 300W Co2 Laser Tube. Sufficient stiffness machine body with 1300*2500mm worktable.

2.Aluminum alloy crossbeam&laser head,  Import focus lens.

3.Taiwan HIWIN liner guide rail,

4.High quality motion control system, Excellent precision, High speed

5.Industrial constant cooling system

6.Heavy & Stronger Structure Machine Body

7.Simple structure,easy operation,stable laser device and low maintenance cost

Secondly, the mixed laser cutting machine uses a 280W or 300W high-power combined CO2 laser cutting system.

The high-power CO2 laser tube provides powerful energy for the mixed laser cutting machine to cut thin metal plates and thick non-metal plates.

High-power CO2 laser tube has the characteristics of long service life, high output power, adjustable power range, and stable energy. 300W CO2 laser tube is the first choice of mixed laser cutting machine for cutting thick non-metallic plates and thin metal plates.


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