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Wuhan Sunic Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Jeans

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Wuhan Sunic Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Jeans

Wuhan Sunic Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Jeans

There is nothing that can't be solved by a pair of jeans. When it comes to versatile dress up, a lot of people will consider jeans. Despite the development of time, jeans can constantly stand the test of time. Besides the classic degree, they are also concerned with style and printing design.


Whether jean coat, jeans or jeans skirt, etc, the dynamic SCM3000 laser marking machine can produce exquisite patterns.


Through the thermal effect of laser, we can burn the denim fabric, do old styles, hole and cut other different processing effects, instead of the traditional denim washing process. This technique is more environmental, high efficient and energy-saving.


Distinct from the general traditional processing technology, Wuhan Sunic Laser machine SCM3000 can not only design delicate patterns, but also create the denim grinding effect so that every denim products are equipped with visual enjoyment.

Jeans coat/skirt




1. The principle of denim laser washing is to use the computer to accurately control the laser beam to carry out high-temperature etching on the surface of denim fabric. Then the yarn of the etched part is ablated and the dye is vaporized to reveal the deep background color, so as to produce the pattern or washing effect.


2.When the laser beam walks through the jeans, the whole process of a pair of jeans is basically completed, and then only ordinary water washing is needed to remove the floating color on the surface.

Laser washing process: design pattern - laser washing - general washing - drying -then OK.

3.Merely four processes needed can break through the traditional denim processing. It doesn't need to use chemical products harmful to workers' body such as sandblasting and strong oxidant, let alone excessive scraping, greatly protecting workers' health. Moreover, in the process of processing, only general washing needs water while other production processes are all dry processing, saving a lot of water resources at the same time.


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