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Advantages of Packaging Gift Box Stamping with 3D Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

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Advantages of Packaging Gift Box Stamping with 3D Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

Packaging printing has always been to improve the added value of goods, enhance the competitiveness of goods, and to develop important means and ways of market. Especially in recent years the packaging printing industry popular embossing printing, hot stamping, color painting and other processing technology have been respected at home and abroad.

Especially 3D dynamic laser marking machine, commonly used in high-grade gift boxes tea wine box laser engraving gold process. And began to gradually replace the traditional hot stamping process, with the traditional paper-cutting hot stamping process comparison, the faceted gold paper process operation is faster and simpler, time-consuming, high efficiency and other characteristics. Just use the graphics you need to transfer to the computer will be able to easily make a three-dimensional sense, at the same time will not fall gold, will not wear and tear will be able to make an ordinary box become high-grade up.


Principle introduction:

3D dynamic laser marking machine its principle of use is the use of laser generated by the characteristics of high energy density, through the irradiation of the paper surface, the surface of the paper for etching (that is, the surface of the layer of paper overlay etched off, so that the bottom layer of the floor with gold to show). This process of laser engraving depth needs to be very accurate, because once the power is too high or too low can not be out of the gold or will be gold directly also etching off.

3D dynamic laser marking machine's advantage is that the laser has precision engraving accuracy, usually accuracy in 0.01mm or so, can realize the small font carving gold, for complex patterns can also do fine processing. And do not need to replace the consumables, a machine can realize all the pattern generation, to achieve the perfect combination of gold paper and laser.


Paper laser cutting has the superiority that traditional hot stamping color painting can not be compared:

1. No contact processing, no direct impact on paper products, so the paper will not have mechanical deformation;

2. Laser engraving process using computer control, product defective rate is low;

3. High energy density of the laser beam, high efficiency, can ensure that the printed matter is superior.

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