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Introduction of metal welding processing methods

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Introduction of metal welding processing methods

Introduction of metal welding processing methods

With the needs of modern industrial production and the prosperity of science and technology, welding technology continues to advance. New welding methods alone have so far reached dozens of species. Production in the selection of welding methods, not only to understand the characteristics of various welding methods and the range of options, but also to consider the product requirements, according to the structure of the welded product, materials and production processes and other conditions for the initial selection. Metal welding process is a connection method that makes two separated metal objects (same metal or different metal) combined in one between atoms (molecules) by appropriate means. Metal welding processing can solve not only the connection of various steel, but also the connection of aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals with titanium, zirconium and other special metal materials, widely used in mechanical manufacturing, shipbuilding, marine development, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace technology, nuclear energy, electricity, electronics and building and other sectors, then, together with the following to understand the methods of metal welding processing!

Introduction to metal welding processing methods:

1) Electric arc welding is a widely used welding method. It includes manual arc welding, submerged arc welding gas shielded arc welding, plasma arc welding, molten gas shielded arc welding, etc.

2) Resistance welding is a welding method with resistance heat as the energy source, including electroslag welding with slag resistance heat as the energy source and resistance welding with solid resistance heat as the energy source, mainly spot welding, seam welding, convex welding and butt welding, etc.

3) High-energy beam welding is divided into electron beam welding and laser welding. Electron beam welding is a method of welding using the heat energy generated by a concentrated high-speed electron beam striking the surface of the workpiece. Laser welding is welding with a high-power coherent optical sub-flow focused laser beam as the heat source. This welding method is usually available in continuous power laser welding and pulsed power laser welding.

4) The energy of brazing can be either chemical reaction heat or indirect heat energy. It uses the metal with a melting point lower than that of the welded material as the brazing material, and makes the brazing material melt by heating, and makes the brazing material enter the gap of the contact surface of the joint under capillary action, wetting the surface of the welded metal and forming a brazed joint by mutual diffusion between the liquid phase and the solid phase. Therefore, brazing is a solid-phase and liquid-phase welding method.

5) Other welding methods are to a certain extent specialized welding methods, the scope of application is very narrow. Mainly including resistance heat as the energy source of electroslag welding, high-frequency welding; chemical energy for welding energy gas welding, gas welding, explosion welding; mechanical energy for welding energy friction welding, cold press welding, ultrasonic welding, diffusion welding.

6) Ultrasonic welding is also a solid phase welding method that uses mechanical energy as an energy source. When performing ultrasonic welding, the welder creates strong cracking friction on the joint surface by acoustic vibrations under low static pressure and heats up to the welding temperature to form a bond. Ultrasonic welding can be used to weld between a variety of metallic materials, and can realize welding of metals, dissimilar metals, and metals and non-metals. It is suitable for the repeated production of metal joints of steel wires, foils or thin plates of 2~3mm or less. The connection of microelectronic components mainly has the requirements of sealing, conductivity and small degree of heat, so it is appropriate to use electron beam welding, ultrasonic welding, diffusion welding, brazing and capacitive energy storage welding.

The above is the introduction of metal welding processing methods, welcome to discuss and exchange with us at any time!

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