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Laser Cleaning Metal

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Laser Cleaning Metal


 Field of Application

Laser cleaning can be used not only to clean organic pollutants, but also to clean inorganic substances. In addition to molds, equipment, old aircraft paint, metal corrosion, etc., pretreatment before spraying and electroplating, etc., laser cleaning technology can also be applied in fields such as construction, cultural relics protection and national defense, daily necessities and household use.

Laser cleaning applications:

1)Surface Polishing and Rust Removal in Steel Manufacturing

2)Cleaning the anode assembly

3)Preparation for metal bonding

4)Pre-treatment for brazing and soldering

5)Localized removal of coatings

6)Selective Paint Removal

7)Laser cleaning of artifacts

| Product Process by ARGUS Laser

Steel cleaning Laser cleaning of oxide layer
Rust cleaning Rust removal
Weld laser cleaning Weld bead laser cleaning

Laser cleaning sample Tire mold laser cleaning
Battery blue film laser cleaning Battery blue film laser cleaning
Statue cleaning

Statue laser cleaning

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| Optional Laser Cleaning Machine Type

Mini-pulse-laser-cleaner.透明Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

1)No or only a small amount of solution assistance is required.

2)A wide variety of attachments and substrates that can be cleaned. 

3)Effective removal of surface adhesions with little damage to the substrate. 

4)Controllable cleaning area and quality.

5)Can be made portable and mobile. 

6)Easy automation of operations.

7)The equipment has a long life and operates with only electricity, low overall costs.



3 In 1 Laser Welding/Cleaning/Cutting Machine

1)Can cut, weld and clean metal.

2)High cleaning efficiency, saving time and reducing costs.

3)Can cooperate with manipulators and robots to achieve automatic control and long-distance remote control cleaning.

4)The heat affected zone is small and the mold will not be damaged.

5)Easy to operate, no consumables (except electricity) and chemicals required



Mini CW Laser Cleaning Machine

1)Non-contact cleaning, zero damage to the substrate

2)Wide applicability, good cleaning effect, adaptable to a variety of cleaning objects

3)The laser cleaning machine is convenient and flexible to use and simple to operate.

4)Green and environmentally friendly, it only consumes electricity and has low long-term cleaning costs.

5)The machine is small in size, easy to move and affordable.


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