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Laser Engraving And Cutting for Paper, Here Is How To Make It Easier

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Laser Engraving And Cutting for Paper, Here Is How To Make It Easier

paper industry is now opening up to new horizons of growth: the laser for paper processing is more than a reality.

Companies manufacturing paper and cardboard products, or the printing presses that daily print, cut and engrave paper can now rapidly process it, without bringing about  loads of powder and scraps and nevertheless with unparalleled flexibility and creativity.

Some years ago, someone called it the revolution of the laser for paper.

Out of heaps and piles of paper, cardboard sheets, packets and boxes, a new technology has emerged to cut and engrave paper.

The laser for the paper industryis nowadays a fact.

The laser to engrave and cut paper: what are the beliefs entrenched in this sector.

Up to some years ago, laser technology applied to the industry paper was almost unknown.

As a matter of fact, differences are significant and what is inexplicable is why few companies opted for the laser as a technology suitable for cutting paper, cardboard, stickers, labels, in consideration of the advantages resulting from the use of laser systems for paper.

The main advantage is the possible expansion of creativity in the realization of new products. A traditional dieboard will never allow manufacturing objects, materials or carry out paper or cardboard articles, of different types and shapes as is the case with a laser machine.

The operators really know the high performance of the laser for paper and cardboard

In the paper industry there is increasingly more interest in the various applications of the laser systems. The operators, by simply looking at the result on a laser-processed paper sheet, still remain astonished by the final outcomes.

It is not just a question of accuracy in cutting though it is definitely true that the laser can engrave and cut with an increasingly sharper “profile” that is slighter and flawless. Nevertheless, it can offer something all traditional techniques cannot: creativity, flexibility, manufacturing responsiveness, even on a mass basis.

Anyway, what happens when the demand for a certain supply suddenly changes in sizes, shapes, details of execution? How long would it take a printmaker to go back to manufacturing with the right dieboard?

This aspect is even more significant when the demand for certain supplies, for instance special packaging, limited edition objects, gifts or limited-run books necessarily requires small quantities. In such cases, confirming the order is not possible if your firm is equipped with traditional dieboards only: costs exceed proceeds.

Main advantages of the laser for the paper industry:

  • High precision to cut or mark complex shapes or patterns

  • Excellent cutting quality

  • High processing speed

  • No thermal deformation

  • Variety of processing types (cutting, ablation, engraving)

  • Endless duration of the main cutting and marking tools

  • No contact between the laser head and the paper surface

  • Absolute control and real-time change of the laser power

  • Green processing: reduced environment impact without using polluting inks or chemicals

The laser systems – especially those addressed to the paper industry – are perfectly suited to offer high-flexible processing, that is good for both small or large-sized sheets and printed paper to be precisely engraved or cut, even in case of post-manufacturing printing.

No dieboard or cutting plotter can reach the laser performance in the realization of graphic objects with similar precision. Even more, if very complex and detailed elements to be cut are involved.

A graphics-based company, or one operating in the paper sector, in addition to the usual dieboard processing services can now expand its use fields due to the ARGUS laser systems. Adding more services, with a view to entering new markets and involving new customers, simply contributes to higher markups.

Find out all those features and potential that the laser cutting and engraving systems can involve in your company’s growth.

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