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Laser Light Guide Plate

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Laser Light Guide Plate

What is Light Guide Plate?
Light Guide Plate is widely used as an important part of back light unit(backlit unit) for the LED panel light, LED ceiling light, LED light box, LED TV etc.

How does it works?
LGP working principle

Why choose Laser version light guide plate?
There are two main kinds of light guide plate in the market.
One is Silk print LGP, another is the laser dotted version.

Characteristic of Laser dotted Light Guide Plate (LGP)

1) Material: Mitsubishi optical acrylic (PMMA)
2) Design: Adopt the latest the optical light simulation software to design the distribution of dot.
3) Process: Combined the imported Laser Marking Machine to engrave the dot or line on the Acrylic light guide plate.
4) Quality: High light transmittance, uniformity reach to 90%, no yellowing, long life span(at least 10 years), no addition chemical substance, totally environmental protection.
5) Size available:1.5M width, no limitation of length. The size can be according to customers' demand.

Comparison between the Laser LGP and Silk print LGP  (Light Guide Plate)

Type of LGP Reflector Method Dimensions Reflecting material Anti-UV Light Transmittance Rate Error Quality Guarantee Application Environment
Laser Dotted Laser Concaved

No Additional


Yes 93% 0.1mm 10 years Indoor and Outdoor
Silk Print Raised Point 2D Print Ink
No 70% 1mm 2 years Indoor Only


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