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Laser optical lens cleaning, maintenance considerations

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Laser optical lens cleaning, maintenance considerations

Laser optical lens is a very important precision component in the laser optical system, its cleanliness has a great impact on the processing performance and quality of laser equipment.

Laser optical lens wipe steps:

1、 Wash your hands and blow dry or wait for drying.

2、 Put on the finger cover

3、 Gently remove the lens, and then check

4、 Blowing, first use the air ball or nitrogen to remove the dust on the surface of the lens

5、 Use a cotton ball dipped in lens cleaning solution to stick off the residue

6、 Use lens cleaning paper to drop an appropriate amount of lens cleaner liquid and gently wipe. Do not use the rotation method

7、 Wipe up, replace the lens cleaning paper, well repeat step 6, do not re-use the same lens cleaning paper

8、 Use the air ball to blow clean the mirror

Laser optical lens maintenance contraindications:

1、 Do not touch touch the mirror with your hands

2、 The mirror surface do not use the air compressor blowing air

3、 Do not mirror direct contact with hard surface objects

4、 Do not use non-lens cleaning paper (stick) rub and pull or force rub and pull the lens.

5、 When disassembling the lens, do not press hard

When cleaning the lens, please take extra care. Before cleaning the lens, please read the following precautions:

1、 Must wear finger gloves or rubber gloves, because dirt and oil droplets on your hands can dirty the lens and cause performance degradation.

2、 Please do not use any tools such as tweezers to pick up the lens.

3、 The lens should be placed on the lens paper to avoid damage.

4、 Do not put the lens on a rough or hard surface, otherwise it is easy to scratch the infrared lens.

5、 Do not clean or touch the surface of pure gold or pure copper.

So, for the lenses that have reached their service life, how to perform the correct replacement operation?

Replacement steps

1、Wipe. Alcohol will wet the dust-free cloth (timely cover the alcohol bottle lid to avoid accidentally spilled), with a dust-free cloth gently wipe around the protective lens, the purpose of this process is to avoid the disassembly process dust into the cavity.

2、Unload. Use hexagonal wrench to remove the hexagonal screw, then gently pull out the protective lens insert and seal the cavity with American paper to prevent dust from entering. Insert the protective lens locking workpiece into the hole behind the protective lens insert card, turn counterclockwise to unload the protective lens, and then insert the block to pour the lens on the dust-free cloth.

3、Clear. Clean the inside of the protective lens insert block by gently wiping it with a dust-free cloth face stick.

4、Change. Take out the new protective lens, tear off the protective paper on one side, then gently cover the protective lens insert block on the protective lens, flip it over, then tear off the protective paper on the other side of the lens, and load it in turn. Press the lens, lock the ring, and lock the block clockwise using the protective lens locking tool.

5、Fit. Tear off the paper, insert the protective lens insert lightly into the cavity, and lock the hexagonal screw.

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