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  • 2021-09-16

    [Industry News] What is the principle of the CO2 laser marking machine?

    The CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for high-speed laser marking of PVC, PE, PET shrink sleeves, easy-to-tear lines of shrink labels, and laser marking of some flexible packaging air holes. Compared with traditional mechanical processing methods, the CO2 laser marking machine has the advantage

  • 2021-09-13

    [Industry News] What is a hand-held laser welding machine?

    What is a hand-held laser welding machine?Hand-held laser welding machines have become the “net celebrity equipment” in the contemporary laser industry. More and more manufacturers have begun to use hand-held laser welding machines, but many people are obsessed with traditional welding machines. Man

  • 2021-09-09

    [Industry News] What is fiber laser marking machine?

    I believe that now people are not unfamiliar with the marking machine. But does anyone understand fiber laser marking machines? I think the answer is no. This invention actually helps people a lot, more or less, both on a daily basis and in a professional way. Then, let's introduce in detail what is

  • 2021-09-07

    [Industry News] What are the functions of a precision fiber metal laser cutting machine?

    The precision fiber metal laser cutting machine has many functions and is currently widely used in various fields. The precision fiber metal laser cutting machine uses high precision linear motor module, low power loss, compact structure. Without mechanical contact, friction is smaller, smooth movem

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