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Paper: Laser Marking and Printing

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Paper: Laser Marking and Printing

Suitable for Various Applications

Laser engraving machine for paper can be helpful for any kind of applications:

• Publishing
• Arts and Crafts
• Design Articles
• Cards
• Packaging
• Modeling
• School Supplies, etc.

The use of etching for traditional sheet and card decorating remains in high demand. Versatile techniques, filigree cuttings, exquisite forms and extraordinary details are very appreciated. They are used for:
• Book Covers
• Greeting Cards and Invitations
• Business Cards
• Customized Stationery
• Artworks


The Advantages of Marking Paper

Once the laser was used on paper, it opened the new world of opportunities for different applications of this material.The more specific reasons for using paper laser marking machine include:
Almost any type and width of the material
• Versatile customization options
• Providing engravings of different depth
• Cutting sophisticated patterns with neat and accurate edges
• No post-production required
• Long working hours and no consumables needed
• Easy to master and adjust
• Eco-friendly and harmless to the operator's health

This is why marking solutions are in high demand throughout the world.

Which Model is Right for You?


 3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine

 -3D dynamic CTI galvanometer control system ensure the best processing results;

 -Imported USA Metal RF laser tube with life time of more than 20000hrs;

 -The scanning area can reach to 1500*1500mm simultaneously;

 -The high speed of 10000mm/s is 10 times faster than laser engraving machine.

  Read More          youtube


CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

-Glass tube provides higher beam quality and longer life with cheap price;

-The working area can reach to 1300*900mm;

-Max engraving speed 2000mm/s and more suitable for laser cutting.

Read More         youtube    


Paper Types Good For Laser


Greeting Card

pop up cards(1)(1)

3D Pop Up Card


Wedding Invitation Card


Painting Templates


Candy Boxes

3d painting lamp(1)(1)

3D Painting Carving Lamp

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