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sunic Large Working Area Laser Marking Machine for Yoga Mat dynamic co2 laser marking

As the high-tech product, Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine adopts the technologies of Laser, Optics, Precision Machinery, Electronic technology, PC software technology and Cooling Project.

  • SCM800L/SCM1600L/SCM2200L

Working Area
1600mm*Unlimited length
1800mm*Unlimited length
Aluminum worktable
Laser Source
Coherent CO2 Metal R.F. Laser Source (USA)
Laser Power
Life Span
20,000 hrs (at least 4~5 years)
Scanning System
Gantry model
Marking Speed
Power Consumption
Control Software
Sunic Laser self developed professional control software
File Formats Support
Cooling Way
Circulation of water cooling
Host Machine, Water Chiller, Exhausting System, Computer, Control Cards and Software
Equipment size
Equipment weight
The main frame is about 800KG, and the belt conveying is about 600KG

Top 1 SCM-2200L Laser flower burning machine for clothing fabric
The equipment is using laser thermal effect, no contact with the fabric of burning etching, and form a convex concave of designs.

Applied industries and materials
Applicable industry:  Applies to clothing, bags, textiles, household, hotels, advertising, exhibition decoration, car decoration and other industries.

Applicable materials:  Used in soft fabrics, flocking fabrics, art wallpaper, denim fabrics, corduroy, velvet, and other fabrics.

Sunic Laser supply free technical training for all customers all over the world until the workers from buyer can operate the machine normally and individually. Mainly training are as follow:
1) Training for Control software operation
2) Training for normatively turning on/off operation of the machine
3) Instruction of technical parameters, as well as their setting ranges
4) Basic daily cleaning and maintenance for the machine
5) Solutions for common hardware problems
6) Training for other questions and technical suggestions during daily production

1, One year free maintenance, lifelong caring
2, Free technical consultant and software updating
3, Customer Service responding in 12hours
4, Continuous support with software and hardware after free maintenance


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