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What Are The Advantages And Materials Used in The Laser Marking Machine for Easy-tear Lines?

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What Are The Advantages And Materials Used in The Laser Marking Machine for Easy-tear Lines?

Easy-tear line is an easy-to-tear pressure line on product packaging, which is a reform of humanized design on packaging. It is convenient for many users and improves customer experience. Many products have applications, such as: plastic packaging of paper towels, disposable tableware packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and so on. Diverse materials. So how are these easy to tear line cut?

Conventional easy to tear line cutting generally have two ways: point line knife cutting and laser cutting, both have their own advantages, today mainly introduces laser marking easy to tear line cutting.


What is the principle of laser perforated Easy Tear Line?

Tear lines are commonly used in non-metallic materials such as plastic film and paper packaging. Easy tear line laser marking machine uses a delicate laser beam to irradiate the surface of the product to form a high temperature, so that the material in the area is vaporized, to achieve the effect of cutting and forming easy tear line. It can realize, dotted line, wavy line and other kinds of line cutting.


The advantages of easy tear line laser marking machine are as follows:

1. One machine is multi-purpose, can realize the integration of cutting, marking, scribing and punching.

2. High punching precision, smooth edge, no burr, beautiful effect, controllable punching depth.

3. Flexible and convenient operation, only need to import the computer, you can realize a variety of complex line size punching.

4. There is no need to replace the mold silicone plate operation and cost, saving process, reduce production costs.

What are the applicable materials for easy to tear line laser marking machine:

OPP, plastic, aluminum foil, anti-static / shielding bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil masks, pet groceries bags, 25KG plastic pellets paper aluminum plastic composite bags, microporous vacuum bags, building materials bags, moisture-proof bags, sealing film and so on. , easy to tear laser production.

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