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What are the functions of fiber laser welding robot?

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What are the functions of fiber laser welding robot?

Fiber laser welding robot is currently widely used in the metal processing industry, as a new era of automated production equipment, fiber laser welding robot with high productivity, high precision, high welding strength, small deformation of the workpiece and the advantages of narrow welding gap gradually replace the manual welding operations.

What are the functions of fiber laser welding robot?

1、Swing function: welding work is a three-dimensional all-round swing work, set the adjustable swing frequency, swing amplitude, swing type and other parameters, in order to better welding operations.

2、Welding sensing function: equipped with welding sensors, starting point detection, seam tracking sensing function.

3、Welding torch anti-collision function: when the welding head is subject to abnormal resistance, the robot will stop working to avoid unnecessary losses caused by continuing operation.

4、Welding gun correction function: After the welding head collides with the workpiece, it can be corrected and reset by simple operation.

5、Welding sticky wire contact function: After welding is completed, when the welding wire is stuck together with the welding gun head, the light can be released again to lift the sticky wire, without having to cut the wire manually.

6、Broken arc restart function: welding arc break, the robot will be in accordance with the specified amount of overlap back to re-arc welding, no need to re-manual patch welding operations.

The above functions are only a few of the main functions, does not represent all the functions of the welding robot. Welding robot is a new era of intelligent production equipment, according to the programming of teaching to complete a number of operations, greatly reducing production costs, has been widely used. With the development of industrial demand, fiber laser welding robot will bring more possibilities.

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