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What Is Fiber Laser Marking?

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What Is Fiber Laser Marking?

A laser marking machine (also known as a fiber laser engraver, laser marking machine, laser marker, laser marker system, etc.) creates permanent markings onto a workpiece. This laser technology can be automated so that marking occurs within minutes (if not seconds) and works with many materials such as wood, paper, glass, plastic, stainless steel, etc.

Fiber Laser System

Laser marking machines program a fiber laser beam to emit onto a workpiece in a specific path, allowing for all kinds of desired markings. It is difficult to generalize the setup of every fiber laser marking machine, but Figure 3 below should provide a basic example of how the 2D fiber laser marking machine operates:

Diagram illustrating the operation of a 2D fiber laser marking machine.

The X and Y galvanometers in Figure 1 accept precise electromechanical movements from a programmable microcontroller. The lens focuses the incident laser beam onto the workpiece, while the galvanometers move the laser in X-Y coordinates based on the user’s design. This setup allows the user to create a design, load it into the microcontroller of the marking machine, and execute the command autonomously and at high speeds.

Fiber Laser Marking Advantages/Disadvantages

As an emerging technology, the fiber laser marking machine is incredibly popular across many industries- but it is not without its limitations. This section will detail the main advantage of the fiber laser marker over other laser systems, as well as its disadvantages.

Advantages of Fiber Laser Technology

Below is a short list of some of the benefits of fiber laser systems:

  • Fiber laser technology provides high contrast marks that can survive sterilization, chemically corrosive, and/or other extreme environments

  • Fiber laser marking is a no-contact solution, and requires little to no maintenance over long periods of time

  • Fiber laser markers provide high speed marking, are compact, can be easily deployable, require no recalibration, and offer low error

  • Production is cheap, reaches  faster speeds, waste-free, energy-efficient, and requires no additional resources apart from the workpiece

Disadvantages of Fiber Laser Technology

Below is a brief summary of some of the considerations and limitations of fiber laser systems:

  • Laser marking only works in 2D applications

  • Fiber laser marking machines have a high initial investment cost

  • Materials with high hardness, low ignition points, and other unsuitable characteristics cannot be used, limiting election

  • Fiber laser marking machines come in a variety of sizes and arrangements, with some suited towards use with an exclusive process

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