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What is Laser Dot Guide Plate

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What is Laser Dot Guide Plate

The technology of laser dot guide plate

 The laser spotting adopts the non-contact form, and uses the instantaneous high energy of the laser to vaporize the acrylic surface at an accurate coordinate point by chemical-physical action to form a laser spot on the light guide plate to achieve the purpose of guiding the light guide plate. 

The laser spotting adopts the laser non-contact production process to form a pit on the light guiding material, and destroys the direction of the transmitted light on the light guiding material, that is, the refracted light, so it is brighter than the conventional conventional light guide plate manufacturing process. 

Laser light guides overcome the shortcomings of traditional printed light guides and are a new alternative. Compared with the traditional light box of the same area, it saves more than 60% of electricity, and the entire light guiding surface is even and bright, energy saving and environmental protection, and the service life is 3-5 times longer than the printing type.

The main role of the light guide plate is:

1. Guide the LED panel light point light source evenly distributed throughout the plane. The key role is to guide the distribution of light.

2. Use the reflection mechanism to make more efficient use of luminous flux and control light distribution.

Differences in application areas:

1. Acrylic light guide plate is suitable for LED lighting fixtures of direct light source, such as grille lamps and high-grade aluminum lamps.

2, PC diffuser is suitable for side-light LED lighting, such as flat-panel lights, professional viewing lights, usually used with light guides.

3, PS diffuser is mainly used for some low-grade ordinary LED lights.

Product image:

light guide plate           acrylic led guide plate


Manufacturing process


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