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Laser Engraver Guide for Beginners

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Laser Engraver Guide for Beginners

Laser engraving is the art of engraving an object using lasers. A machine that engraves is a laser engraver. Laser engraving creates incredibly detailed designs in a material. Although there are other machines called laser cutters, the names laser engraver and laser cutter are simply a function of the major use of the machine. Machines that are used mainly for engraving are laser engravers and those that are mainly for cutting are laser cutters. 


How Laser Engraver Works

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A laser engraving introduction requires knowing the process of this technology. A laser beam is focused on a point on the surface of the material. The amount of material that is melted and vaporized is predetermined via the controls on the laser engraver. It is simply the reflection of light through mirrors, this light is concentrated into heat. The depth of the engraving is varied by the adjustment of beam intensity. At the end of the process, the change in the surface of the selected material is visible. After the engraving is done, the areas might become black. For people who want to have a different color, multi-layered materials with different colors can be deployed.

What You Can Create with Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a very versatile technique that opens the door to many opportunities and designs. The applications of this technology are endless. This computer-controlled machine works autonomously as soon as a design is specified.

For most DIY enthusiasts, laser engravers are like the ultimate plaything. With it, they can customize virtually anything from phone cases to wallets to wedding rings. Employing the relief engraving technique, users can create 3D structures. This is one of the most impressive and creative ways of using laser engraving.


Brief Introduction to Laser Engraving Materials

There are so many materials that can be engraved on. Some of the most popular materials are stone, paper, acrylic, glass, wood, leather, and so on. It should be noted that not all materials should be engraved. For example, engraving some types of plastics can be dangerous. Polycarbonate materials produce fumes that can quickly corrode the laser engraver which is harmful to people.

Laser Engraving Software

As it is computer-controlled, the laser engraver can work autonomously. But without software, it is useless. Here is the recommended software for a laser engraving machine:

Adobe Illustrator




Another software Adobe Illustrator is the graphics software. As a vector graphic software, its plethora of features is the largest. Although it can be a bit more difficult to master compared to other software, Illustrator makes the training process worth it.

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