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What is PVC laser cutting machine?

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What is PVC laser cutting machine?

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers have higher and higher performance requirements for packaging materials. Good packaging can enhance consumers' desire to buy. High quality, light weight, and convenience have become important directions for the development of the flexible packaging industry. In some composite bag manufacturing enterprises, PVC laser cutting machine is used to add a tearing guide dotted line to the package to ensure that the tearing of the package is in a straight line when the package is torn.

What is the working principle of PVC laser cutting machine?

Install the PVC laser cutting machine on the slitting machine or rewinder. Utilizing the functions of slitter or rewinder for tension control, deviation correction, rewinding and unwinding, the beam generated by the laser can evenly cut a thin line with a depth of only a few microns at the designed easy-to-tear line. So as to achieve the purpose of tying easy tear lines on the roll film before bag making. The easy tear line can damage the outer film and retain the effect of blocking the inner film. It does not damage the air-tight performance of the packaging material, but also has the function of regularly tearing the opening of the packaging bag in the specified direction when it is torn.

Due to the advantages of laser focusing, the focus point can be as small as the sub-micron order, so that the micro-processing of materials is more advantageous, and the cutting, marking, scribing, and drilling depth can be controlled. Even at low pulse energy levels, higher energy density can be obtained and material processing can be carried out effectively.

PVC heat shrinkable film label is a kind of film label printed on plastic film or plastic tube with special ink. During the labeling process, when heated (about 70°C), the shrinkable label will quickly follow the outside of the container. The contour shrinks and sticks to the surface of the container. The application of PVC laser cutting machine on the disposable anti-counterfeiting film is highly efficient.

Why do we need to excite PVC laser cutting machines?

Traditional gear processing has many shortcomings. The hole size is not adjustable, and there are burrs, which is not suitable for the development of modern industry. PVC laser cutting machine solves the traditional problems very well. Because of its high processing efficiency and good processing quality, laser processing has become a new process standard in the PE, PVC, and PET film processing industries. PVC laser cutting machine is widely used in food and beverage, stationery, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical products, electronic appliances, metal products and other industries such as quantitative ventilation holes, easy-to-tear, heat-sealed label laser marking and other industries.

Why choose our company's PVC laser cutting machines?

Our company is a domestic enterprise that proposes laser instead of mechanical processing technology for the film packaging industry. The PVC laser cutting machine we produce is specially designed for easy tearing of films and quantitative venting holes. It has the advantages of fast marking speed, easy operation, stable performance and long service life.

If you have a demand for PVC laser cutting machine, you can visit us, the address of our company is

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