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What is the application of laser processing technology on denim?

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What is the application of laser processing technology on denim?

Denim clothing is a kind of clothing that shows the trend of personality and taste, and its fashion sense is full of alternative, novelty and individuality; and denim clothing is a kind of culture for Europeans and Americans, and culture is resonance and inheritance, and it is also a pursuit. The change and progress of denim; the customer's request is that the visual style is better and the tactile style is more comfortable. This is the motivation and purpose of the new finishing process of denim printing.

How was the laser processing technology born?

Because most of the denim clothing's edging feature requires the fabric to be treated first, in order to reflect the style after the clothing is washed; some high-end denim formal wear also needs fine finishing to meet the requirements of clothing; some varieties require special finishing In order to fully reflect its style characteristics; most of the denim fabrics have been specially finished, which can achieve the direct effect of refreshing and increasing the added value; also because of this, the new type of denim finishing, laser processing was born, and its prospects are unlimited. The jeans laser marking machine was invented based on the laser processing technology.

What is the application of laser processing technology on denim?

1. Ice crack effect

After the pre-designed effect pattern is transmitted to the laser marking equipment by a computer, it only takes ten seconds to form a clear pattern or natural ice crack.

2. Printing pattern

Print denim on the platform of laser marking equipment to get printed denim with various patterns.

3. Whitening

The indigo denim is faded and whitened on the laser marking equipment to form a pattern with a white background.

4. Laser printing

The indigo denim is printed on the laser marking machine by laser to form patterns of different shades.

5. Laser hot stamping

Use the method of vaporizing the dye on the laser printing machine to vaporize the blue dye on the denim to form the desired pattern.

6. Laser abrasion

The denim is engraved on the laser printing machine to form a rich hollow or transparent pattern.

7. Laser grinding

Treat the surface of the denim with laser engraving to form a velvet or lint-free pattern.

8. Laser frosting

The denim is engraved with a laser, so that the surface of the fabric is regularly damaged or worn.

9. Laser sandblasting

The denim is treated with laser marking process to make the surface of the fabric have regular abrasion.

10. Laser burning

The denim is burned with laser by jeans laser marking machine to form the required patterns and patterns.

11. Laser embroidery

Fading denim with laser embroidery technology to form patterns and patterns.

What fabric can be used in the denim laser marking machine?

Our company's denim laser marking machine uses the thermal effect of the laser to perform different processing effects such as burning, distressing, holes, and cutting on denim fabrics. The denim laser marking machine replaces the traditional denim washing process and has the advantages of being more environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving. The denim laser marking machine can process pure cotton denim, linen-cotton blended denim, cotton-polyester composite denim, and cotton/viscose blended denim.

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