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Why Choose Professional Jeans Laser Washing Machine

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Why Choose Professional Jeans Laser Washing Machine

Why Choose Professional Jeans Laser Washing Machine


Double station denim laser washing machine is suitable for denim of various materials. It can be used for whisker wash,destroy,printing, various old-fashioned effects, and any pattern can be used. It is healthier without consumables.


一、Advantages of professional jeans laser washing machine

1. The original imported RF laser has high power, good spot quality, stable power, and a life span of more than 20,000 hours.

2. The fully enclosed maintenance-free laser optical system does not need to be adjusted, and it can be installed and used immediately.

3. Laser processing is carried out in a double-station cyclic interaction mode, the loading and unloading area and the laser marking area are separated, and the degree of humanized operation is high.

4. Double-station cyclic interactive loading and unloading can realize laser processing without pause and high production efficiency.

5. Using projection preview positioning method, feeding and positioning is convenient and fast.

6. The application system under the Windows interface is compatible with the file formats of AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop and other software, such as DXF, PLT, BMP, etc.

7. Four switch 1300x600mm worktable greatly improve the processing efficiency of the product, and the processing speed is super fast.

8. The professional constant temperature circulating industrial cooling water system makes the whole machine run more stably and consume less power.

9. The equipment is easy to operate and has strong safety. It is suitable for various ambient temperatures and ensures the continuous and reliable operation of the laser marking system for 24 hours.


Therefore, 4 exchange worktable professional jeans laser washing machine is faster, safer, saves labor costs, and is the best choice for processing denim fabrics.


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