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Wuhan Sunic Group is a professional laser machines and solar panel products lines equipments manufacturer since 1998. We are specialized in Design, R&D, Manufacture, Sales and Service for laser machines.
We supply customized solution for different materials  processing , such as Invitation cards, Wedding cards, Pop up cards, Pop up books , Candy box , Paper products, Acrylic , PMMA, LGP, Jeans Wash, Leather, Fabric, Textiles, Wood, MDF, Laminate materials , Marble, Package Film, Metal / Plastic products, etc.
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We are available 24/7 by fax, e-mail or by phone. You can also use our quick contact form to ask a question about our services. We would be pleased to answer your questions.
NO.4 Huanglong Shan North Road, East Lake High-tech District, Wuhan City, China
work every day 8:00–18:00
Professional Laser Welding Sample
We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.
Economy is more affordable
Economy is more affordable
Hand-held Fiber Laser Welding Machine
A. Easy to handle and don't need the professional welder.
B. 8-15m fiber wire, Can weld long-distance and large-area parts.
C. High quality and stable: lifespan to 100000 hours and free of maintance.
D. High efficiency: more than 5 times of the TIG welding .
E. Various welding proceses: jam welding, seal welding, spot welding, stitch welding and overlap welding .
F. Inappreciable heat-affected zone, smoothly welding seam.
G. Low cost, no consumables, energy saving and enviroment protection.
H. Automatic wire feeding, IT cover more wide gap and enlarge the application.
Automatic Robot Arm Laser Welding Machine
Portable manipulator + fiber laser applications including laser cleaning and laser welding is the high-tech product of the new generation of metal surface processing, It can be widely used for a range of traditional or industrial processes, such as chemistry, ship industry, aviation industry, automotive industry, cultural relics restoration, molding industry, railway industry, construction industry, oil pipeline, grease, And grinding and so on.
Automatic CW Fiber Laser Welding Machine
The highly intelligent automatic lithium battery pack laser welding production line adopts a 2000-6000 watt fiber laser, a flow-type automatic production line, and the products are automatically transported to the welding area.
The automatic pneumatic top pressure clamping device can effectively avoid the phenomenon of virtual welding and ensure the consistency of product welding quality. It is a highly intelligent laser welding equipment for professional automatic lithium battery pack production lines.

  • Not our first machine, but definitely not our last. What else to wish for than a great, reliable partner in business Thank youWilliam Hill16 September, 2022
  • Alina helped me from start to finish. She was very attentive and quick to handle any issues that arose. This was my first RF Tube Co2 laser and I could not be happier with the quality of the machine. It is lightning fast and when I needed help with setup, she put me in touch with an engineer that was extremely helpful 1 highly recommend this company and I will do business with them again in the future. Thank you for an excellent transaction!Brian Murdoch01 August 2022
  • Very good quality, easy to use. Very professional serviceRichard Smith01 October, 2022
    Specialists in manufacturing techniques with various materials
    A unique process-based approach to delivering exceptional results for our clients.
    In our workshop we use different digital manufacturing technologies.
    With our dedicated customer service team, we strive to exceed your expectations and address any needs or concerns that may arise during your journey with our laser engraving and cutting machines.
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of laser machine and model should I choose?
You can tell us your processing material, working size and detail requirement, detail work by picture or video so that we can judge whether our machine can meet your need​​​​​​​
What kind of materials does the laser machine can process?​​​​​​​
We have different laser machines, such as Fiber laser, CO2 Laser, UV Laser Green Laser. Normally Fiber laser can process metal and plastic. CO2 laser is for processing non metallic materials, such as Acrylic, Wood, Glass, Leather,Jeans, Paper, Textiles Garments and so on. UV laser and green laser are also called cold laser source, they are usually used for plastic, glass, crystal and some special processing job.​​​​​​​
Is it easy to operate?​​​​​​​
We will send you manual and guide video in English, I can teach you how to operate t he machine. lf you still can not learn how to use it, we can help you by Team viewer online help software.Or we can talk by phone email or other contact ways.​​​​​​​
What s your guarantee. in case the machine breaks down?​​​​​​​
The machine has one year guarantee. If it breaks down, generally speaking our technician will figure out what the problem may be, according to client's feedback. Parts except for consumable parts will be replaced for free if the problems are caused by quality fault.​​​​​​​
How will you do the after- sale service?​​​​​​​
We will firstly check your problems online through Team viewer, E-mail, Whatsapp or other contact way, if it is easy to handle it, we will guide you online to fix it or send you the spare parts for replacement.​​​​​​​
What is your equipment lead time?​​​​​​​
Fiber laser marking machine lead time is around 7 working days. CO2 laser engraving&cutting machine lead time is around 2-3 weeks 3D dynamic CO2 laser marking machine lead time is around 10 working days​​​​​​​